Do you ship worldwide?

We mainly sell in the USA and Europe. However, we have delivered to customers outside of these zones. If you are from a different country then we can arrange shipment. Please contact us at info@kohiplus.com to find out how.

What is so good about your filter?

There are many claims about coffee and cholesterol. Studies on how coffee increases cholesterol levels have been mixed. One thing is clear: Coffee may raise cholesterol, but this depends on how you brew it. The coffee oils in ground coffee is what causes the cholesterol. In order to reduce this, filters are used to ensure that fine coffee grounds are not settling at the bottom of your cup. The finer the coffee filter, the lower the chances are of this happening. Our products have one of the finest reusable filters on the market. You will not get much coffee ground sediment at the bottom of your cup, if any! Have a look and see.

If you have any other questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@kohiplus.com.