KOHIPRESS: French Press Travel Mug

Is it dishwasher safe?

Yes, but place it in the top rack. Disassemble for a thorough clean.

I received my order with no plunger inside?

When you open the lid, if you cannot see silver stainless steel on the inside then it means that your plunger is inside. The seal is very tight so the plunger needs to be screwed out of the chamber. Congratulations, you have now experienced why the KOHIPRESS is able to keep coffee grounds separate from the brewed coffee!

Does it need a paper filter?

The KOHIPRESS comes with an ultra-fine micron stainless steel filter. No need to incur additional costs on paper filters. Our reusable filter is also great for the environment.

Can I use it for tea?

Yes, loose tea leaves. The filter has the ability to keep fine espresso ground out so loose tea leaves are no problem.

Is the inner plunger stainless steel?

The inner chamber is made from BPA free and FDA approved Polypropylene Plastic.

If you have any other questions. Please do not hesitate to contact us at info@kohiplus.com.