PRESSOPUMP: Automatic Espresso Maker

I did not receive a plug, only a USB charger cable?

 Yes, the cordless model only includes a USB charger to be connected to any power source. Our old USB operated model required a connection at all times to operate so a plug was also included.

Does it heat the water?

 No. Hot water must be poured into the water tank. We considered making the PRESSOPUMP heat water but decided that in order to keep the price low for our customers this function would not be included.

Can you use Nespresso® pods with this?

Yes. We have a Nespresso® pod adapter which can be screwed onto the existing ground coffee model. Please see our shop for more information on the NS adapter. 

Does it really generate 16 bar of pressure?

Yes, that is the max pressure it can generate. The industry standard is 9 bar. The Pressopump ensures a constant controlled extraction which ensures you will have the perfect shot every time! The high pressure also ensures that grind which was roasted weeks back still tastes fresh. 

How is the PRESSOPUMP different to the Minipresso?

The PRESSOPUMP is automatic for a start. This means that you can now make the perfect shot of coffee effortlessly without the strain of pumping manually. The Minipresso also generates around 9 bar. Think of the PRESSOPUMP as the Minipresso on steroids! 

Do you have to use the USB cable to make coffee or is the USB just for charging?

 The USB cable provided is for charging only. Charge time is 3 hours for a full battery.

How do I get free 1-Year FREE warranty?

Please enter your details on the form in the warranty page to be covered. The process takes less than a minute! Please note that you must apply for your 1 year warranty within 21 days from the date of purchase. 

Is this a pain to clean?

 No. It is well known that come handheld makers are difficult to clean. Residual coffee grind stored in the maker significantly affects the quality of your espresso. We have taken this into consideration when designing the PRESSOPUMP and have ensured that the cap on the spout and under the filter basket can be removed and washed thoroughly. This is where you are likely to get any residual coffee grind stored.

Is it BPA free?

Yes the materials are BPA free. Also lead-free.  

Is there a carry case available?

 Yes, there is an EVA material protective case for the PRESSOPUMP but it is currently out of stock. There should be more available soon! …

Is it loud?

It is a quite machine. A very low vibration buzzing sound is made during operation. The extraction lasts for approximately 20 seconds.

What lithium battery is used?

We use Samsung SDI 18650 lithium ion rechargeable batteries.

What is the water capacity?

The water tank capacity is 2.35 OZ / 70ML. This is sufficient to provide the perfect shot of espresso topped with crema.

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